Maroondah Skip Hire

When you live in an area with such a diverse range of wildlife and plants, why would you want to waste your time dealing with rubbish? That’s why Trailer Trash makes cleaning up your junk in Maroondah as easy as possible.

We have 4m3 and 6m3 bins to suit all your rubbish disposal needs. We make it easy by bringing the bin to you, and then taking it away when you’re finished. Rather than being delivered by big trucks, our skips are delivered by smaller vehicles, meaning that they are more portable and can be put in tricky places where regular skips can’t go. Our skip bins are also have lockable lids, meaning that rubbish won’t be blown all around Maroondah. This also means you won’t end up with a collection of your neighbours‘ rubbish.

Call us on 1300 887 274, contact us online, or get a quote to book your affordable, efficient and environmentally friendly mobile skip bin today!

Want to know more about Maroondah?

The City of Maroondah is a located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne with an estimated population of around 120,000 and an area of 61km2. It is located in a band between the inner eastern suburbs and the far east of Melbourne, and as such is comprised of suburbs with a high percentage of stand-alone houses. The City of Maroondah was formed by combining the Cities of Ringwood and Croydon with parts of North Ringwood, Lilydale and Kilsyth South.

Maroondah has diverse flora and fauna, with 82 sites of biological significance that are protected by the Maroondah Planning Scheme. Maroondah has 18 mammal species, 23 butterfly species, 116 bird species and nine different frog species, including the rare Victorian smooth froglet.

Suburbs in Maroondah:

  • Bayswater North
  • Croydon
  • Croydon North
  • Croydon South
  • Croydon Hills
  • Kilsyth South
  • Heathmont
  • Park Orchards
  • Ringwood
  • Ringwood East
  • Ringwood North
  • Vermont
  • Warranwood
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