Home Clean Ups

The 4m bin is our most popular option and is suitable for house clean ups.

Is your home looking like a junk yard, and your life is feeling as cluttered as your home? Or maybe you need to tidy up the garden, but you don’t know what to do with all of the waste? Our mobile skip bin hire service is the cheap and easy option to clean up your house, and clean up your life at the same time. Over 50,000 customers in Melbourne can’t be wrong, so take advantage of the cheapest mobile skip bin hire service in Melbourne today!

  • We’ll deliver the bin to you, when you want.
  • Choose from 4m3 and 6m3 bins, depending on how much waste you have.
  • Our bins are on wheels. This means they won’t damage your driveway or garage, and you won’t need a special permit if you want to park it on the street instead*.
  • Lock the lids at night to stop your neighbours from taking advantage of your smart decision to hire a mobile skip bin.
  • Don’t worry if you’re in a tricky spot – we can get into small garages, narrow lanes, and underground carparks. We even have a few special low-height bins available, so give us a call if you think you need one.
  • When you’re done, we’ll pick up the bin and take care of the rubbish for you.

* Note: normal parking restrictions still apply.

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