New Logo Honours Our Heritage

Press Release – Melbourne – August 1, 2022 – Trailer Trash launches its new logo, which pays homage to its fun heritage

The new logo re-introduces the fun of the Trailer Trash brand, while returning to a lozenge-ish shape.
The new logo brings fun back to the brand

Trailer Trash is excited to launch its new logo, which now appear on its website and its trailers. The logo harks back to the heritage of the company, which was discovered as a business idea in the Southern USA nearly 20 years ago, and is deliberately reminiscent of sixties-style signs for caravans and diners.

“There are a few key elements to the new logo,” explains Ben Mitchell, Trailer Trash’s General Manager. “The first is the wheel, which obviously represents the fact that our bins are on trailers, making them easier to transport, easier to get into tricky places, and much more friendly to driveways and pavements. The second is the word “Trash”, which is reminiscent of the original logo, and plays on the USA heritage of the original business idea. The oval shape of the logo is also a call-back to the original lozenge-style logo that the company launched with. Finally the mud spraying out to the left of the wheel emphasises the fun of the brand. It’s a great step forward for the brand, while paying tribute to its heritage, and the feedback so far has been fantastic.”

The new design is the third iteration for the company, which began with the original lozenge-style logo nearly 20 years ago. The company subsequently introduced a deliberately corporatised logo to emphasise the professionalism of its service, but recently recognised that people resonate with the fun element of the company’s name more than anything else.

The original "Lozenge Logo" was used when Trailer Trash launched nearly 20 years ago.
More recently, Trailer Trash used a more corporate-like logo to reinforce its professionalism.

“I always get a smile when I tell people I work for Trailer Trash,” laughs Ben. “That’s something I’m proud of, and I’m glad the new logo plays on that fun.”

Trailer Trash provides a mobile skip bin hire service in the Melbourne metropolitan area. Its customers love the lockable bins on wheels that can get in to tricky places other bins can’t, which don’t damage driveways pavements, and which are delivered on time and with a smile. In simple terms, they deliver the bin, you fill it, and they take it away – it’s trash made easy.

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