Am I permitted to park there?

If you’re planning to hire one our mobile skip bins you might be wondering if you need a permit. It’s a good question if it’s going to be left on the street. This is because most other types of skip bins require special council permits, but we make it easier for you. Our bins are registered vehicles, so you can probably just follow your regular local parking restrictions. This may mean that you need to use a parking permit, but unfortunately there are no clear guidelines. Rules and regulations around parking permits vary from council to council. Therefore, you’ll need to check with your local authorities if you want to be 100% sure. However, in our experience, the best option is to put a copy of your own permit (not the original) on the bin with a contact number. This means that anyone who needs to can contact you.

Other Options

There are also a couple other options:

  • You can connected the trailer to your vehicle if it has a permit on it. In this situation it will usually be considered an extension of that vehicle. However, if you do this, you need to ensure that you’re covered by insurance.
  • If you have off street parking, you can park the bin there. You can fit our bins into most carports, garages, and even under cover parking, so there are plenty of options.

Although there’s no definitive answer, we hope this has helped clear up any confusion around whether or not you need a permit when you hire one of our mobile skip bins. Remember, rules and regulations vary from council to council, but the simple approach is to follow the same steps as for a regular car. And, of course, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call— we’re always happy to help!

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