Bigger isn’t always better

Trailer Trash mobile skip bins provide a cheap and easy way to remove rubbish

Our bins may not
be what you imagine
when you think of skips.

When people think of skips, they often think of a marrel skip bins. This type of skip bin is a large open metal container. That’s good if you have a large amount of waste, particularly if it’s heavy. This is why reason that you’ll often see these at large construction sites, and these bins can get MASSIVE.

Downsides of marrel skip bins

However, there are a lot of downsides to marrel skip bins, which is why you should be careful when hiring them:

  • They are generally delivered on trucks. This means they can be hard to get into tricky places like narrow lanes, garages and underground carparks.
  • They don’t have lids. Therefore, you may need to hire the local vigilantes to stand guard at night and stop your neighbours filling them with their own waste.
  • Because it’s not a vehicle, many councils require that you pay for a special permit if you want to place a marrel bin on the street.
  • If placed on your driveway or grass, they can cause a lot of damage with their metal feet.

A mobile skip bin may be more suitable

Our bins are different because they live on a trailer, and come with lockable lids. This means that:

  • We can tow them into tight places.
  • They can be parked on the street like any other vehicle (normal parking restrictions apply).
  • The tyres will protect your driveway.
  • Your pesky neighbours won’t be able to put anything in them when you’re not looking.

So if you’re considering hiring a marrel skip bin, just be sure to weigh up the pros and cons before making your final decision. If it’s not right for you, Trailer Trash mobile skip bin offers the cheapest and best skip bin hire service in Melbourne, and you can book online today. Or if you’re not sure what sort of bin you need, give us a call and we’ll help you out.

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