How big is 4 cubic metres?

Not everyone is a builder, so not every can easily understand how big 4 cubic metres is.

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If you ask any professional builder, they’ll tell you that one of the most important skills in the job is being able to estimate how big a given space is. After all, construction is all about making physical spaces – so you need to be able to relate to sizes quickly. However, not everyone is a builder, so when we talk about a 4m3 bin, it may mean nothing to you. So, if you’ve never had to deal with measurements like this before, it can be tricky to know how big 4 cubic metres actually is. In this blog post, we’ll show you a few easy ways to work out how big 4 cubic metres is so that you can work out whether this size bin will suit your needs!

Use Objects for Reference

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around how big 4 cubic metres actually is, a helpful method is to find an object in your home that you know the dimensions of and use that for reference. We recommend using a washing machine as these have a pretty standard size, and can be found in most homes.

A standard washing machine is about 90cm high, 60cm wide and 60cm deep. Therefore, to match the size of our 4m3 bin, you can put 9 of these in a square on the ground, and put another 2 on their side at the back of the bin. This will make a space that is 1.8 metres wide and deep, 0.9 metres high at the front, and 1.5 metres high at the back.

Stacking 11 washing machines, with 9 on the bottom, and 2 sitting on their sides on top, gives a good approximation of the size of a 4 metre bin
Stacking washing machines like this show you the approximate size of a 4 metre bin

Now we don’t expect that you have 11 washing machines sitting at home to try this with, but hopefully you can imagine what this would look like, and use this to estimate the amount of space available in the bin.


Estimating the size of a space in cubic metres doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply grab something from around your house or office and use it for reference! Then, with this in mind you can use our online booking tool to pick the size of bin you need. Otherwise, if you still have questions, you can give us a call to discuss your needs in more detail.

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