We deliver it, you fill it, we take it away.
It’s mobile skip bin hire made easy.

Trailer Trash mobile skip bins provide a cheap and easy way to remove rubbish

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The Trailer Trash™ Advantage

Melbourne’s cheapest mobile skips

We control our costs so we can pass the savings onto you.

On time delivery and pick up

Your time is important. And if you can’t be there, we can leave the bin where you want it.

Lockable lids

Don’t wake up to a bin full of your neighbours’ waste.

Bins on wheels

Don’t damage your driveway, and you’ll save on council permits.

Compact and mobile

Small trailers delivered by regular cars mean we can get into tricky places.

Low height bins

Available upon request, for those extra tight spaces.

Our customers ❤️ us!

Our bins in action

Our bins are 2.1m high, meaning it's easy to get into underground carparks. We even have a few bins that are between 1.95m and 2.0m if you have an extra low space to get into.

Underground carpark? Easy!

Our bins are just a bit wider than a regular car. That means that even if you have a small carport, we can get our bins in.

Small carport? Perfect!

Our trailers are registered vehicles, so they can be parked anywhere a car can go.

Street parking? No worries!

Trailer Trash! What does that mean?

Whether you call it a mobile skip bin, a trailer skip bin, or simply a mobile skip, our bins are a great and easy way to get rid of your waste. Think of it as a traditional dumpster attached to a dual-axle trailer. This means that we can tow the bin behind a regular vehicle, get it into places that any car can go (pretty much), and protect your driveway and garage in the process.

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Trailer Trash mobile skip bins are cheap and easy because they can be towed behind a regular car

Are you after more information on the cheap and easy way to remove rubbish? Whether you’re cleaning out your house and garden, a builder getting rid of renovation waste, or a business looking to dispose of old junk, we’re here to help.

For over 15 years, Trailer Trash has been helping Melburnians to clear the clutter out of their lives with our mobile trailer skip bin hire service. We focus on cost and process so that we can deliver the best prices and service, turning a potential headache into the easy experience it should be.

Remember, it’s easywe deliver it, you fill it, and we take it away!

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